Mezzanine Solutions

The flexibility in the design of our structures allows for tailor-made solutions

The growth of your business needn’t mean moving from your existing premises. When you need to make the most of the space available, a mezzanine can be the best solution.

When you need to increase your workspace, mezzanine floors offer an intelligent way to do so. You can attain high-quality, extremely cost-effective space in overlooked areas and double your workspace quickly. Mezzanine floors offer truly enormous cost savings when compared to alternative business expansion options.

Passha has installed floors from large-scale picking and sortation operations and administration blocks to small storage platforms.

Warehouse Mezzanine Design

To increase your office space, we can provide attractive modular areas, partitioned to accommodate individual rooms or administration areas. You can choose the exact décor, and from a variety of heating, lighting and sound insulation schemes.

If you are looking to grow your warehouse space, you can expect a substantial return on the investment of a mezzanine floor, thanks to the swift increase in output. Depending on the space available, production capacity can increase by up to 100%, with additional storage and handling areas prompting your business to grow.

Operating throughout the UK, our warehouse mezzanine designs are manufactured to the highest standard to comply with the latest legislation. Your specific requirements are at the heart of our work, from design right through to installation.

Our experience allows us to complete the work with minimum disruption to your existing operation.

One tier fire rated mezzanine floor

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Mezzanine solutions examples

single tier fire rated mezzanine floor
single tiered mezzanine floor
mezzanine flooring - single tiered