Low Energy & LED Warehouse Lighting

Reduce your warehouse electricity bills with LED low energy lighting

With the prospect of ever increasing business electricity costs, upgrading your office or warehouse lighting systems can be a canny business investment. The return on investment can be relatively quick and with increased lamp life you can continue to save for many years. Not only on energy costs, but also on reduced lighting maintenance bills.

With over 20+ years experience in the industrial fit out sector, PASSHA are the go-to experts for office & warehouse low energy lighting solutions. Our engineers work across the UK and are dedicated to tailoring a solution for your business needs. Our experience allows us to complete the work with minimum disruption to your existing operation.

Government incentives and business grants are available for low energy LED office and warehouse lighting solutions. We are here to help guide you through this potentially complex process – give our expert team a call to discuss how we can help your business.


Cut lighting maintenance costs and increase staff productivity

Newer lamp lighting technologies offer longer life, use less energy and give better illumination, offering better office and warehouse productivity. For example: a metal halide lamp lasts approx 16,000 hours but loses up to 60% of its rated energy output over its lifespan. Whereas as T5 energy efficient light loses only 10% over 24,000 hours! To keep the same illumination levels over the 24,000 hours, a metal halide lamp and ballast will have to be replaced several times vs a T5 lamp.

LED lamps offer in excess of 50,000 hours and along with T5 fitting can be fitted with PIR sensors to further reduce energy consumption. If the current cost of energy is £0.11 kwh, a 400w metal halide lamp costs approx £110 a year to run.  In comparison a 165w LED lamp would cost £45.50 a year to run.

Factor in the number of fittings and how many times the metal halide lamps will have to be changed over the same lifetime, and considerable business energy savings can be made which will also reduce your business carbon footprint.

For tailored LED warehouse lighting solutions – give our team a call for a quote.


One tier fire rated mezzanine floor
One tier fire rated mezzanine floor

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LED & low energy lighting solutions

PASSHA can install a wide range of energy saving light solutions to save your business money.

single tier fire rated mezzanine floor
single tiered mezzanine floor
mezzanine flooring - single tiered